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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Candles and Amazing Scents

Few years ago, I was at a point in my life where it seems nothing was working. You see, inside it was very dark but like most people, I put on a show as much as possible to keep going. It was very difficult to find meaning in life and especially to see beyond what was not working for me. This went on for a while but one day; I honestly can’t explain how it happened but it was like something brought me back to the ‘present’. Almost like being resuscitate from a state of unconsciousness and suddenly

I became aware of the happenings around me. I began seeing 1 2, 3, 4, ….things in my life that I can actually be thankful for. These are things that have been there all along. 

A sense of overwhelming realization of how ungrateful I have been came over me and I just went on my knees and ask God in his infinite mercy for forgiveness. I realize how little I had made God and how big I had made my challenges. Needless to say that from that point on, I began to cultivate the attitude of gratitude even over what may be considered as the most mundane thing. I can honestly say that it has worked miracles in every aspect of my life and health. I have learned that the act of Gratitude brings a person to a state of reality. It helps  you to take a stock of your life and brings your consciousness to ‘what’s been good?’ What you already have? No matter what is going on the inside of you. 

The act of Gratitude has helped to shape my awareness that life isn’t perfect and things doesn’t always go the way we want it to go; but irrespective of that, there are always some good things in life that I can appreciate.  I will leave you with the words of M. J. Ryan “Gratitude is like a flashlight. It lights up what is already there. You don’t necessarily have anything more or different, but suddenly you can actually see what it is. And because you can see, you no longer take it for granted.” 

Through my candle collection, I hope to inspire you to see how much light, peace, clarity, and strength you can enjoy simply by been Grateful. 

With gratitude,  


Our Values

100% Natural

Hand Poured

Paraben free

Small Batch

Phthalate free

Made in Canada

Why Scented Candles?

I have always wanted to do more than my 9-5 job. My job is awesome and I absolutely love what I do. However, I know that I am made for more because I know God has deposited so much in every one of us. Even with this realization, my response is usually looking around me; analyzing everything I already have on my plates and telling myself that I have my hands full and do not have the time or energy to pursue any other adventures. I however know that I love making things with my hands and I love creating things. 

Then the COVID-19 pandemic came  and I started researching what I could do to fill my time during the lockdown. I love scented candle and I buy a lot of it from the big box shops. I started looking into how they are made which I believe was a divine direction.  I watched videos after videos on YouTube and I learned a lot about the process. I also discovered that the big box candles I have been buying were made with paraffin wax which is derived from petroleum. 

This is not what I want me and my beautiful family to be breathing into our lungs so I started researching other safe options and opted for Soy wax which is derived from soy -beans. I further attended an online candle making course and well, with a lot of of trial and errors plus perseverancIe..

The rest is history today.  If you believe you are made for more, then YOU are MADE for MORE!!! Go after the FUTURE YOU. 

We continue to work hard to provide you the best candles with amazing Scents. 

Since making my very first candle in 2021, Gratitude and Light Candles has evolved as a maker of hand poured Soy candles made with 100% natural soy wax and high quality phthalate and Paraben free fragrance oil locally sourced in Canada. Our scented candles are made in small batches with utmost attention to bring warmth and inspiration to your space. 

As an extension of my life’s journey, I hope my brand and everything it represents inspires you to see the extent of light, peace, clarity and strength you can enjoy simply by been Grateful for the seemingly little thing. 

Everytime you place an order you are supporting our mission to donate a portion of our sales to a charity that is focused on the safety and well-being of vulnerable children. 


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Our scented candles are designed to fill small to medium spaces with beautiful soothing scent. We also delivers on party favors, customized candles for special occassions, candle making workshop and Gift Boxes for holidays and special occasions.  . 

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