Learn and Launch Candle Making Workshop

This is a Business Focused, scented Candle making class. 

We believe in building a community of candle lovers who would like to make money selling their craft. This workshop takes place at our candle-makingg studio. It gives you the opportunity to experience our space and also have fun while learning the science of candle making and making a business out of your craft. 

It’s suitable for people wanting to start their own candle making business

  • You get detailed information about the science of candle making and how you can grow your craft into a business.
  • We provide you with helpful information on how to source materials, the different types of wax and wicks, standard candle making terminologies, and online resources

Participants will make

  • 1 container candle
  • 1 bubble candle, and a dessert candle.
  • Full Support for your craft as needed
  • Wine and snacks are provided

Allocated Time: 2.5 hours


Available Dates

Candle Making Party: 7th May
Candle Making Party: 9th July
Candle Making Party: 20th August
Candle Making Party: 22nd October
Candle Making Party: 26th November
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