Candle Care + Safety

Candle Care & Safety Tips

• Prior to your first and before every burn, trim your candle wick at least ¼ inch. This prevents uneven burning, dripping or flaring. 

• Keep your melted wax pool free of wick trimmings and any foreign item at all times. 

• Only burn your candle on a stable, fire-resistant surface. 

• Avoid placing your candles close to a vent to prevent uneven burn. 

• Burn your candles between 3 – 4 hours at a time to help the candle burn evenly. Do not burn candles more than 4 hours. 

• Your candle is ready for a replacement when there is 1/2″ of wax left in the candle jar.


• Do not leave a burning candle unattended around children or pets. 

• Teach your children to be careful around open flames. Make sure they understand that candles are not toys, or something they can eat or drink. 

• Never let your candle put you to sleep. Extinguish all candles before you go to sleep. 

• Never place your candle jar close to  flammable objects. Place your candle on a stable fire resistant surface.

• When you extinguish your candle, take a moment to ensure it is completely out before leaving the room. 

• Follow every instruction printed on candle labels. 

Be Safe!

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