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Our Gratitude and Resilience collection candles are designed to aid your daily gratitude routine and as a reminder of your strength and resilience. They are intended to keep you grounded in the moment to see what was, what is and what could be. We believe that manifesting the attitude of gratitude can bring you to a state of reflection and can further energizes your capacity to envision a future you desire for yourself and what it requires of you. In essence,  if you have ever wondered why our candles carry unique names such as Vision, Fearless, Gratitude, Manifest, Blossom, Beautiful, Strength,  Blessed & Resilient etc. this is why. They are candles made to INSPIRE!

Gratitude & Light Candles Collections

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Our scented candles are designed to fill small to medium spaces with beautiful soothing scent. We also delivers on party favors, customized candles for special occassions, candle making workshop and Gift Boxes for holidays and special occasions.

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